This page lets you enter a number of eBird checklists and see a combined total, by species, for all checklists. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the author, Ivor Williams (

  • To add a checklist, enter the submission ID or checklist URL (e.g., then click the "Add Checklist" button or press the "Enter" key.
  • You can enter multiple checklists at once, separated by commas.
  • To export the combined totals, click the "Export Aggregate Counts" button.
  • To remove a checklist from the list, click the "Trash can" button on the right side of the table row. This operation will *not* remove the checklist from eBird.
  • To remove all checklists from the list, click the "Remove All Checklists" button. This operation will *not* remove the checklists from eBird.


  • 20200304: Now shows scientific name for each taxon.
  • 20191116: The checklist parsing and taxonomy handling was broken, but has now been fixed.
  • 20190103: You can now enter a URL like "HTTPS://EBIRD.ORG/VIEW/CHECKLIST/S12345678", in addition
  • to ones like "". Note: the code just looks for "S" and some numbers at the end of the input text.
  • 20181117: The page now retains your checkists when you refresh the window or open a new tab.
  • Use "Remove All Checklists" to clear them.

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# ID Location ID Observer Location Date
{{ $index + 1 }} {{ }} {{ checklist.loc_id }} {{ }} {{ checklist.location }} {{ }}



Common Name Scientific Name {{ $index + 1 }} Total
{{ taxon.common_name }} {{ taxon.scientific_name }} {{ checklist.counts[taxon.species_code].count }} {{ taxon.count }}